We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

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My journey with Dynasty Financial Consulting, particularly with the stellar duo of Ms. Deborah Mitchell and Nikki, has been nothing short of exceptional. As an early-stage entrepreneur, securing financing posed numerous challenges. However, with their unwavering support and expertise, they transformed what seemed like insurmountable obstacles into manageable steps.

From the outset, Deborah and Nikki displayed a profound commitment to understanding my unique situation. They didn't just see me as another client; they saw a dreamer with aspirations, and they made it their mission to turn those dreams into reality. Their personalized approach ensured that every aspect of my mortgage needs was meticulously addressed.

What truly sets Dynasty Financial Consulting apart is their dedication to their clients. Deborah and Nikki were not just there during the initial stages; they were with me every step of the way, offering guidance, reassurance, and solutions. Their accessibility and responsiveness were unparalleled, instilling confidence and peace of mind throughout the process.

Navigating the world of mortgage financing can be daunting, especially for entrepreneurs with unconventional financial profiles. However, with Dynasty Financial Consulting by your side, you can rest assured that you're in capable hands. Their expertise, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction make them the go-to choice for all your mortgage needs.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dynasty Financial Consulting to anyone seeking a seamless and stress-free mortgage experience. Deborah, Nikki, and the entire team embody excellence in every sense, and I am immensely grateful for their invaluable support. Trust Dynasty Financial Consulting to turn your mortgage dreams into reality – they're simply the best in the business!

Jonathan Weston

Dynasty Financial is a leader in the mortgage industry.. Ms. Deborah Mitchell is a true professional when it comes to knowing all there is to know about finance. I have worked with Deborah many times throughout the years and Dynasty financial has always met my expectations. I would recommend Dynasty Financial Consulting to anyone look to finance, refinance etc. I have remained a satisfied customer and look forward to working with Ms. Mitchell in the near future.. Ms. Mitchell's staff is awesome and their customer service is courteous and professional . I can't say enough about the Dynasty Team! Thank you so much for your service!

Kerry McNair

I was introduced to Deborah Mitchell through my husband brother and I am blessed to have her in my life. She was truly inspiring. and provided a lot of wisdom to me and my husband. She is a true example of walking by faith and not by sight. I am truly blessed that God placed her on my journey. I characterized Deb and her team as Polite, Knowledgeable and Graceful. This is an example of great customer service. I am so grateful and thankful to have met such a team and will tell everyone about Dynasty Financial Consulting.

Carmen Pearson

Let me start off by saying thank you to Ms. Deborah and her whole financial team through the whole process of buying a home. They worked through my emotional moods and while keeping everything professional with guidance to what proved to be an absolute miracle in the process of becoming a first time home owner. I strongly recommend them not only because of their expertise/knowledge when your ready to purchase, I recommend them because they will stand by you until your a homeowner. Thanks a million!

Denise Garrett,
First Time Home Buyer!

Denise Garrett

AMAZING!! Mrs. Deborah and Dynasty Financial Consulting simply amazing. I was introduced to Mrs. Mitchell through a family member and I'm glad she did. Mrs. Mitchell eased all my fears as a first time home owner. She made everything plain and simple for me to understand. With having all the documents she asked for and having a speedy response time made all the difference. At no point during the process was I uncomfortable or misled. She truly is a blessing. We started the process at the end of August 2022 I closed the end of October 2022. Everyone's journey is different I'm glad I followed the right path!! The rest of the team were an extension of Mrs. Mitchell and everyone knew what they were doing. THANK YOU THANK YOU for working with me. You should work with them too.

Thanks Dynasty much love,
Yasmeen Randolph
Nov 1, 2022

Yasmeen Randolph

I was referred to this company. Deborah Mitchell got us through the process expeditiously. She was knowledgeable and precise. We will definitely recommend the company because of her great customer service. Thank you Deborah!

Theo Winfrey

I have never met anyone more dedicated than Debra and her team at Dynasty. Thank you!!!!!


The entire  Dynasty Financial Consulting Team is truly outstanding!

This testimonial is past due; as you have once again surpassed all my expectations.  Thank you so much for your help with the purchase of my very first home in 2014.

Dynasty Financial has most recently assisted with my Refinancing.  As most of us recovering from the Pandemic; your Dynamic Team made the process seamless and easy for me to understand while making my payments affordable.   Deborah, I appreciate your patience, expertise and diligence.  Your insight of the Mortgage industry has been extremely valuable to us over the years.  Our family is forever grateful to everyone that made our lives stress free.

Customer for Life,
Retired Military

Eugene Purnell

I truly would like to thank Dynasty Financial for all there hard work in helping me purchase my home. I was introduce to Mrs. Deborah through a mutual friend, he told me she works miracles and she absolutely accomplished that to the fullest. I was impressed with the hold Dynasty team, I would definitely recommend dynasty to family and friends. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Dwyane Rountree

"Dynamic" is the only word I can use to express my experience with Dynasty. The personalized customer service is astounding. I used them to purchase a home and it was a fiery experience. The seller presented me with obstacle after obstacle resulting in a 2 month closing delay. Dynasty was able to keep my financing and interest rate locked in. Consequently resulting in extra out of pocket cost to me due to fees ect. Since I was not responsible for the delays, Dynasty advocated on my behalf to the lender and listing agency. They were able to get both agencies to help reduce out of pocket expense. This is my 2nd transaction with them and I will use them again in the future. This company focuses on building relationships and values everyone which I believe made the difference in my fiery experience. I am grateful and satisfied with my purchase. Thanks so much Dynasty!!

Terri L.

In 2015, we found a home that we loved and were referred to Deborah Mitchell by a friend.
Wnen we first applied for a mortgage we did it with our homebuilders preferred lender due to better terms (who was obviously paying a fee to the builder) but the process got delayed and confusing for no reason.

We threaten to walk if we couldn't use our lender Deborah Mitchell with the same terms. The builder agreed, we closed with Deborah in less that 30 days.

We have refinanced via Dynasty "TWICE "since then. Most recently in December of 2021 with great rates and a smooth process!

If I were you I would use Deborah and her team. She won't waste your time, just get her the information that she needs and she will do the rest.

I enthusiastically recommend Dynasty Financial Consulting, Inc.! Deborah is about the business of closing home loans, My home is proof!!

Felker W. Ward, III

Felker and Yolanda Ward

I don't know where to start except from the beginning. I'm a realtor and was introduced to Deborah over 8 years ago. When I tell you this lady closes loan, I bank on her and she comes through every time! I tell my clients you can use your lender but I know my lender will close every time all the time! I just purchase my home and of course she closed it! Nothing but the best service! Thanks Girl for the years of great service to me and my clients!

Belina Berchini

If you are looking for a team that has your best interest at heart, then you've found the right one with Deborah & Dynasty Financial Consulting! I've worked with this company for several years now and won't go anywhere else...which really speaks to my level of trust! Deborah always has her clients in mind; she knows the latest products that are available according to the customers credit/needs and financial situation. She is fearless , bold and straight forward which definitely gets the job not only done, but done right! Deborah & Team are committed to seeing their clients happy. I am more than satisfied with the service I have received over the years! If you are struggling with making a decision...look no further because you've come to the right place! Join a winning team with Dynasty and see your dreams & blessings come true!


To whomever see this testimonial> DFC is one of the best companies that I have ever work with. They did a great job from the beginning of my application until the closing. Ms. Mitchel and her employee held my hand thru the complete process and was there for me each and every day.. They made the process very easy; I am the one that had the misgiving and they assured me that the process was going to be okay.. I am so glad that I was introduce to DFC staff and owner. Ms. Mitchell. They made the process very easy as [possible and they were there to answer all of my questions and they knew how I felt so uneasy. I wish I had found DFC sooner but as they say better later than ever, Thank you DFC and keep up the good work. I know that that If i ever need them again they will be there for me and for anybody else that need DFC Services, so spread the word about this great company and enjoy the ride with them. Thanks DFC,

Patricia Briggs

Oh my gosh where do I begin!!
Ms Deborah Mitchell
That lady right there is heaven sent!

My process started with general questions asking what IF. Honestly I was lost,clueless,indecisive,didn’t know what I wanted to do or even IF I wanted to. In 2019 I was looking for a rental property to lease I contacted Shelia Spivey who was listed as the realtor for the property and she asked me why do you want to rent why not own ?
Me and my what If’s. What if my credit isn’t good enough, what if I can’t find or afford a nice home , what if I can’t get approved, what if I don’t have money for a down payment . She said I have this lady (My friend )that I want you to talk to and I promise you that you will not be disappointed and you will become a home owner if that’s your desire. She said now I will tell you Deborah have a strong personality but she means well and she WORKS and she will work for you . Shelia said just call and talk to her and if it’s not what you’re wanting to proceed with or if her personality is too strong for you, you don't have to stick with her . So on top of me and my fear with the what if’s NOW I gotta worry about if I will like this person with this strong personality LOL. So I called Ms. Deborah she started by asking me questions about house buying what do you want ,how much ,what’s your credit, when and stuff like that . All I could say was what was true “I dont know “. Being honest because I didn’t I just called her because someone recommended her . That’s when it all started she sat me down it’s like her mother mode kicked in .She started to talk to me about LIFE . I love this woman ! My eyes are watering as I’m typing this . This whole process has been nothing less than the move of GOD . I’m thinking this lady don't know me aren’t we suppose to be talking about a house and home buying not life . God knows me but she Saw me . I had little to no guidance , I was lost , confused going through a divorce I have 2 young boys living in a small apartment, Covid had just started , my faith was wavering and I had just started a new job. I was all over the place BUT Ms. Deborah Ms. Deborah . I needed her more than she needed me . She gave it to me straight she had the patience with me she encouraged me she lifted my spirits she believed in me she SAW me and in me what I did not see in myself. I was all over the place mentally! So this testimonial isn’t really about the house it’s about Mr. Deborah. Lol
She was not only my consultant but my friend someone I admire my motherly figure she was the determination that I didn’t have for myself she was my financial counselor and my therapist . She helped fix me first gave me knowledge and educated me all while I was working on my credit. I definitely wasn’t in a rush to buy because I still didn’t know what I wanted so I had the time for the process, while I worked on ME. My credit started around 504 with patience time and Ms Deborah today 2022 I’m at a 740 and still rising. She told me what to do and how to do . Many times I was selling myself short but she brung me back . She gave me a game plan and I stuck to it ,she kept me grounded, she kept me on budget , she gave advice that included my boys and that fit my situation but what was best for me as well and most importantly she made sure I was comfortable all around . She made sure I was not only getting what I wanted in life and a home but what I deserved. I was ok with going for the bare minimum but NOT Ms. Deborah lol she knew what I could afford and didn’t want me to settle While still maintaining and being within my budget .
Thank you so much Ms. Deborah
I’ve learned so much throughout this process About ,Life,finances,doubt,determination,budgeting,guidance, the house buying stages, patience, perseverance, confidence and not letting fear override with the what ifs because we really will miss out
I didn’t believe in me but Ms Deborah did !
My brand new home should be finished in April
I trusted her But she trusted me


WOW! It is so refreshing to work with professionals that are obviously passionate/knowledgeable about their craft.

I had the unique experience of working with three lenders in total. The first lender that I contacted was a referral from a friend that stopped responding to my emails. The second prematurely gave me a letter of pre-approval and then reneged after I submitted an offer. Along came Dynasty Financial to save the day!

My loan was approved in record time and I got a better interest rate than before.

I’m so very grateful for Ms. Deborah Mitchell, Ms. Stacey and the rest of the team for their hard work in helping me become a homeowner. Thank-you a million times over!

Khalil Johnson

I would like to Thank Mrs. Deborah and her her team for there hard work and dedication to my home refinance.

Mrs. Deborah and her team is awesome. Very knowledgeable and very real with your situation. Loved she came up with a plan with real action and results to make things work for me. Customer Service and promptness to my questions and concerns was the best I have had.

When it’s time for me to buy again I will be using Dynasty Financial. I have been bragging and referring you to everyone I know.

Thank you Always!!!

KaTeacha Bellamy

From day one of my journey, Ms. Deborah was very nice and very knowledgeable about her craft. She looked at our situation and guided us with what to do. After paying down a small amount of debt, my husband and I closed on our home within 29 days of working with Dynasty Financial. We are super happy and blessed to have met Ms. Deborah and her team!!


From start to finish Ms Debra and her team at Dynasty Financial work diligently to help me purchase my home. They always made me feel confident even when I didn’t feel it was going to happen. Ms Debra is the best and she really know the business. If anybody can get it done she can. I would definitely recommend Dynasty to everyone! Thanks again for all your hard work!

April Allen

I would like to thank Deborah and her staff for doing an outstanding job refinancing my mortgage. Deborah and her team worked very hard and was able to complete my refinance within three week. I will recommend Dynasty Financial to anyone who need to refinance there mortgage or purchase a home.


The team at Dynasty Financial Consulting was not only professional, but they were dedicated and diligent about their business. Because unlike many, my refinance was a task from the start. There were unforeseen roadblocks that made the process challenging and at times frustrating; however, Deborah and her team took the lead and accomplished their mission of making me a happy client. I will definitely recommend the services of this company to anyone looking to purchase or refinance their home, business or property. 👍🏾

Marcell Barnett

We would like to thank Deborah Mitchell and her staff for assisting with refinancing our mortgage. Deborah was patient and diligent throughout the process. We came out on the other side very happy and pleased with EVERYTHING! We would recommend Dynasty Financial to anyone who is in need of a mortgage/refinancing. Thanks again

Chris and Edna Anderson

We were told by a lender that our ratios were too high to refinance our home. I wasn't happy with the response we received, but I didn't give up. Several months later I reached out to Dynasty Financial. Our situation had not changed; however instead of Ms. Mitchell telling us that our ratios were too high, she looked at our complete financial profile and helped us map out a plan to get our credit scores up and eliminate small debts. Within two months we were at the closing table.

Ms. Mitchell says yes you can when others say you can't. After my positive experience with Ms. Mitchell and her team, I recommended Dynasty Financial to a friend, They were also turned down on refinancing their home. After reviewing their situation, Ms. Mitchell got them to the closing table within three short weeks.

I'm convinced that Dynasty Financial Consulting has industry knowledge, experience, and expertise that makes them stand out among others.. If you've been turned down and told you don't qualify for a home loan, don't take no for an answer. Call Dynasty Financial Consulting today. You too could be at the closing table tomorrow.

Andi & Amoga

Debroah Mitchell at Dynasty Financial (Lendor)

During my life, I have purchased many homes and with many of the lenders, I was very unhappy with their customer service skill and turnaround time. I was seen and treated as a fourth or fifth thought. We found Deborah Mitchell at Dynasty Financial and got in touch with her and it seemed as if her world stopped and we were the only focus she had. When I say I had a great experience from the beginning until the end, she had us at hello. She always responded to our emails expeditiously and made the whole process simple, easy, and crystal clear to us. Whether you are buying your starter home or forever home, I would definitely recommend Deborah Mitchell at Dynasty Financial to everyone who needs a lender.

Robert & Keesha Crawford

The Dynasty Financial team exceeded my expectations! Deborah and her team have a relentless work ethic. They are fast, thorough, and they get the job done. From start to finish, my process was approximately 3 weeks. I am more than pleased and will definitely be referring everyone I know to them.

Ms. U.Miller

Deborah is a knowledgeable and professional with extensive experience. We are blessed to work with her. She did an incredible job with our mortgage. In 15 days she closed the deal, and delivered all the documents and financing for the beautiful home we purchased. We are very grateful to her and her team. If you need financing for a new home, please do business with her. Thank you Deborah.

Alonso Rodriguez and Elena Almestica

When I tell you Ms Deborah is the goat at what she does that’s exactly what I mean!! The process was long and tiring but she fought and fought until the end! I’m so grateful for her and now I have my dream home thank you so much Ms. Deborah ????????????????????

Chyna Ware

Debrorah made the purchase of my new home pain-free! She is highly professional, diligent,knowledgeable in the mortgage loan process, and very easy to work with. 
She made me feel at ease from the first conversation we had all the way through to the congratulatory call I received after closing. 
I can’t say enough good things about Deborah– if you are going to need financing for a new home, she is the person you need to contact!

Gardie C.

Dynasty Financial worked restlessly to get my home approved for a refinance at a significantly lower rate.  The first lending company was experiencing significant delays so they moved my refi to a different lending company at a lower rate.  This was my second attempt for refi.  Years ago they tried to refi my loan but it was denied because the loan to value wasn't there, fast forward several years and the wait was worth!  My home has increased in value and that provided me with more options.  The team is knowledgeable, courteous, and they take the time to counsel and educate you throughout the process.  
I would strongly recommend Dynasty Financial Consulting to anyone preparing to get their finances in order or looking for a home loan or refinance. I look forward to working with them in the future. 

Terri L.

This is my second home purchase using Dynasty Financial as my financial agent and while no 2nd time around is exactly like the first time in my case the end result was even more satisfying. Deborah made sure that I was taken care of while putting in long hours to get the deal done and making me feel like it was as important to her as it was to me and for that I’m very grateful. I especially love that she is very knowledgeable, caring, personable, and a person who you love to have in your corner when things go dark. Thank you Deborah and Dynasty Financial Services for making my dreams come true time and time again.

George James

This is my second home purchase through Dynasty Financial, and they’ve always made the process pain free. Great company to work with.. would recommend every time. 


Words can’t express my gratitude to Dynasty for assisting me with purchasing my first home. Deborah Mitchell and her team were extremely knowledgeable and professional during every step of the process. I had a previous lender who did not structure the deal correctly. After Dynasty Financial received my deal the immediately worked to correct the mistakes while saving me thousands of dollars in the process. I am forever grateful and look forward to doing business with them in the future. I advise anyone who reads this to go with the best option for your home buying process the first time.... choose Dynasty Financial Consulting!

DeShawn Pellebon

Deborah Mitchell was referred to me as I was building a brand new home. The immediate professionalism from her and her team was impeccable. She is extremely knowledgeable and had my loan closed in 3 weeks. Throughout the process, she was very easily accessible via phone and email, had prompt responses and I loved how efficiently she detailed me to align things to ensure a seamless closing. I am very appreciative of her service and have referred her time and time again. I am pleased to say, with each referral everyone has had the same pleasant experience!

Kay Janay

Professional, timely, and informative. Will advocate for her client to the very end of closing. Looking for excellence, call Dynasty Financial.

Auvronette Guilbeaux

Dynasty Financial, Great Company to obtain mortgages and refy's from. Personally, I've been working with it's Owner/CEO for years. We have closed a ton of loans, some easy and some difficult but they get the job done. I have many satisfied clients and i happened to be one of them. The best attribute is there is no loan too big or too small for Dynasty and they all get the same treatment from Application to Close. I highly recommend, they welcome all challenges.

ColemanGrant Team

What can I say?!!! Deborah, LA and staff worked it for me, yet again. It's always a motivating force for me to see women who are professional, trustworthy and proficient in what they do. Being a single woman it's so important to find people to help me who help me; ones that I can trust, since I am not adept in comprehending all that is involved in this business.
I TRUST Deborah and her staff. I appreciate her honesty and her allegiance to everyone involved.
Thank you Dynasty Financial-from the bottom of my heart.

Sheryl Newman

A Home Buyer's View

I would like to thank you Ms. Mitchell and Dynasty Financial Consulting for helping me get my first home. Thank you for being so professional and aggressive on helping me close. I would recommend your services to whom ever I know that is trying to purchase a home. Thanks Again From A Happy Home Owner

Nate Ervin

Mrs Deborah and her team are a blessing. I absolutely love them. Due to my job and circumstances, I was probably a difficult customer. However, Mrs Deborah handled me and the situation wonderfully and I was amazed. From submitting my application to signing for the keys, I had a new home in about 60 days. The process was fast, easy, painless, and very well explained. I most definitely appreciate all the effort and time the team has put in to help me. I would love to be a loyal customer for life.

Melody Mitchell

Hi Ms. Mitchelle,
I do not know where to start to express how much I appreciate all of the hard work you and your team at Dynasty Financial did to make our dream of purchasing another home come true.  You were able to correct the problem with my credit that no other lender was able to do or didn’t know how to correct. Thank you so much for not giving up on me and making it possible for us to purchase our home.  We are still unpacking and enjoying our home.  Thank God for you and the entire Dynasty Financial Team.

James and Evelyn Stone

"First I would like to thank God and Dynasty Financial without them being a homeowner would not be possible. Dynasty Financial is a God send! Deborah and her team are the bomb.com! Dynasty Financial makes dreams that did not seem possible a reality. Deborah and her team worked their tail off day and night to seal my deal. I know my file was harder than nails and thick as a phone book. I had a ton of issues with my credit, debt issues and IRS issues with my business. And on top of all the mounting stress of trying to be a homeowner and all I was up against I was under contract on my home. When I was blessed with her and her team, and my time was ticking fast and running out. Deborah and Dynasty Financial makes things happen. I am a test to a real life testimony so many days I cried because I thought my dream home was out of my reach. But she gave me hope that I would get my house, she told me to pray on it and claim it as mine. and I did. She built up my confidence that nothing is impossible and with all her knowledge and expertise and endless time she invested in my case I knew in my heart she would get me my dream home. I went in blind with the house buying process. I was treading water in the middle of nowhere drowning and I had no life jacket on. My agent quit on me because he didn't feel I had what it takes to be a homeowner, He wanted me to rent to own a house and the house goes 3.5% a year. I was left to do all the leg work myself and I didn't have a clue. But God places the right people in your life for a reason. Deborah is a blessing. She went through my file gave me a list of do's and gave me a time to have them back to her. Her and her team stays on you so the process runs smooth and nothing falls through the cracks. If I ever had a question or issue she was always there to address my concerns. She went above and beyond for me and my fiance."

Misty Nolder

I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Dynasty Financial Consulting, Inc. for the outstanding job they performed in helping me to secure a refinance of my mortgage. I was stuck in a high interest mortgage for so long and did not see a reasonable way out, then I was introduced to the amazing CEO of Dynasty Financial, Deborah Mitchell she offered me hope and a way out. She gave great advice on correcting and maintaining good credit and she walked me through the smoothest refinance ever! Her team of specialists are amazing, very professional and made me feel like I was part of the family! They made sure I met deadlines and kept me abreast of every step during the process. Before coming to Dynasty many companies gave me the “run around” and failed to produce any positive results. My first communication with Deborah Mitchell left me with a sense of assurance she would take care of me……………. And she did!!! If you are looking for the best call Dynasty Financial Consulting, Inc.
Karen Brown-Collier
Satisfied Customer
Atlanta, Georgia

Karen Brown-Collier

I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Dynasty Financial Consulting, Inc. for the outstanding job they performed in helping me to secure a refinance of my mortgage. I was stuck in a high interest mortgage for so long and did not see a reasonable way out, then I was introduced to the amazing CEO of Dynasty Financial, Deborah Mitchell she offered me hope and a way out. She gave great advice on correcting and maintaining good credit and she walked me through the smoothest refinance ever! Her team of specialists are amazing, very professional and made me feel like I was part of the family! They made sure I met deadlines and kept me abreast of every step during the process. Before coming to Dynasty many companies gave me the “run around” and failed to produce any positive results. My first communication with Deborah Mitchell left me with a sense of assurance she would take care of me……………. And she did!!! If you are looking for the best call Dynasty Financial Consulting, Inc.

Karen Brown-Collier
Satisfied Customer
Atlanta, Georgia

Karen Brown-Collier

Dear Deborah and Team: I am penning this letter in demonstration of and appreciation for you and your Team of Associates that was so instrumental in the purchase of my new home. When I was rejected by another lender, you and The Dynasty staff stepped in with your expertise in financial assessment and management that ultimately resulted in the purchase of our lovely home. I want to express my gratitude in how you and the entire Team worked so patiently with me, even when I had issues and was inconsistent in my decisions. You only demonstrated professionalism and expertise, personal and business integrity to make sure I was approved for home ownership. I will always be grateful and want others to know that you and the team will not give up on anyone who comes to you. It is a guarantee they will be approved for a home with Dynasty.

Gwendolyn A. Washington

The ladies at Dynasty Financial worked exceptionally hard to assist me through a tedious, and (what I considered to be), hopeless process. Deborah's experience and knowledge of the rules and regulations involving home purchase showed as maneuvered through several difficult situations and made them work. The staff at Dynasty are a cohesive "power house" and I am still amazed at their ability to keep things orderly and moving at an extremely rapid pace. The ladies worked hard on my loan; even calling me from the office at late hours of the night. I am forever grateful to them and I am a customer who is definitely pleased with the professionalism and courtesy that I received at Dynasty Financial. Also, I would like to mention that Deborah is one of the most generous people I know. She emulates grace and dignity and her staff follows in this regard. This is the company everyone needs when taking the big step to home ownership. I have and will continue to recommend her highly to others.

LOVE you LADIES !!!!!!

Sheryl Hooten-Newton

Sheryl Newman

Dynasty Financial is where you need to go for your house buying, because Deborah A Mitchell and her team will make your dreams come true.
Thanks again for all y'all hard work for me.

Greg Marcelin

I recommend everyone I know who is in the market to buy a home to Deborah and her amazing team!!! After going through very bad experiences with 2 different lending companies who gave me the run - around and even told me I wouldn't be approved for a home unless I refinanced my car. Deborah, who I was introduced to through a coworker, assured me that I could get approved for my home without having to refinance and put my entire savings into the down payment! I feel so blessed to have met her. She is very professional and knowledgeable with years of experience. Dynasty Financial did something that no other company were able to do. Exactly TWO days after my initial meeting with Deborah my loan was appoved! A few days afterwards I was in underwriting and I closed on my 1st home a month later. A BIG Thank You to Dynasty Financial Consulting for your Awesome services!

Amber Allen-Gooden

Patience is a virtue! It's taken a few years to receive the right blessing...the Dynasty Financial team hung in there with us, developed a great relationship...and now the blessing has been received! #nothingbutGod

Jai Davis-Winston

I love Dynasty Financial to the moon and back! This team worked a miracle for me and I am so thankful that God allowed our paths to cross. I never fathomed that I could have the home of my dreams at least on my own. I felt extremely defeated after working with other companies for 6 months who either gave me the run around, told me that I wouldn't qualify for much or flat out said no. But, I know that the devil is a liar! 2 months ago I was able to meet the team at Dynasty who not only gave me hope but counseled me on how to increase my credit and and be a better steward of my finances. Yesterday, I closed on my home! (Jumping up

Starla Lewis

I want to start by saying Deborah and her team Terris and Rita are absolutely AMAZING!!!. Before reaching out to Deborah I've been turned down. I had other companies tell me they couldn't help me at this moment but NOT Dynasty Financial. After speaking with Deborah I felt confident that she was going to make it happen and she did. Again, I can’t thank you ladies enough and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

James Allen III

with this being my first time buying a house, the team I was provided with was wonderful from the beginning to end. I enjoyed working with everyone at Dynasty. Everything was done in a timely manner which made it an easy process for me, I had a good experience overall and would do it again.

Melody Mitchell

When others said no, Dynasty Financial said yes! Because of Deborah and her staff, we are now in our dream home. They were with us every step of the way, making sure that we closed and closed on time. We have told all our family and friends about Dynasty. Thanks Dynasty!

Jerry and Kris Manlove-Simmons

salutations!! im not sure where to start...it was a journey...a journey that i am forever grateful for!!! i am grateful for her and everyone at Dynasty! Terris for taking all my calls, whines and tears!! Debrah said she was going to get my home and she did, no matter what obstacle came about she was ready!!! 


Dear Ms. Mitchell,

On behalf of myself an the Hawkins family, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation for your services at Dynasty Financial Consulting. Corresponding and working with my mortgage company on my behalf, has led to a successful loan re-modification.

I have had some hardship with income loss with-in the last two years and have hired, worked with other companies, including NACA, with no success. My anxiety levels were at a point where I found it very difficult to stay focus.

Although my stress levels have become somewhat intolerable with my financial status, I still had a level of optimism. However, I had need of specialized support which you have personally serviced with myself and kids beyond expectations.

I would like to express my appreciation for the remarkable services rendered by you. It is through your unwavering professional support that we are able to remain in our home. Thank you!

Hoping all the best for Dynasty Financial Consulting, Inc.

Yvette Hawkins Document

Yvette Hawkins

Dear Deborah,
I would like to thank you formally for all the remarkable work you did which resulted in GMAC granting me a loan modification. Before meeting you, I had submitted my application on three prior occasions but was woefully unsuccessful. After seeing you work, I am confident that I would never have gotten it without you!

You already possess the industry knowledge that it would [take] an outsider like me a lifetime to amass. You are also a confident and skilled negotiator who refused to take "no" for an answer. You tackled big, impersonal GMAC like David slew Goliath. It was a pleasure watching you work!

Again Deborah, thank you and everyone at Dynasty Financial for taking my case, and for making things happen for me and I'm looking forward to working with you on modifying my second mortgage. As for the first and most difficult one, I don't think I will ever be able to thank you enough!

Yvonne Brandon Testimonial (Document #1)
Yvonne Brandon Testimonial (Document #2)

Yvonne Brandon

Dear Deborah,

William and I would like to thank you for your help through our Loan Modification. We appreciate you and your staff (especially Nieta) for your professionalism and knowledge.

We will refer everyone we know that need your assistance to Dynasty Financial.

Again we thank you for helping us to get back on track with our lives. May God continue to bless you.

William and Gail Autry Document

William & Gail Autry


As you are already aware, Deborah Mitchell with Dynasty is the Bomb! She is working extremely hard on behalf of me and Michael. She is all about business and that means a lot to me. Thus far I am in no way, shape, form or fashion disappointed. I have spoke to her almost daily since we hired her, she is very thorough & detail oriented. She keeps me calm and does a very good job with helping me maintain a positive mind set about the whole process. She most definitely run cirles around NACA. Even though, we don't know the final outcome just yet. I have faith and I believe that the final outcome will be VICTORIOUS. I just wanted to take this time TODAY to tell you, "thank you for caring enough about me and my family and for introducing me to Deborah to help save our investment!" I feel so blessed and I am very grateful.

Donna Carter Document

Donna Carter


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