Residential Loans

Residential LoansAs real estate prices increase, homeowners can utilize increased equity as collateral to obtain a Home Equity Loan. In most cases, the interest on this type of loan is tax deductible and rates for these loans are generally lower than other consumer loans. Homeowners may use Home Equity Loans for home improvements, to pay off credit card debt, tuition, medical expenses, and more. One home equity option is a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) which is similar to a Home Equity Loan, except money can be used as needed rather than as a lump sum. With this form of loan, a homeowner can take out cash and repay at any time up to the amount approved. Interest is paid only on the borrowed amount outstanding. Dynasty Financial Consulting lenders can help you access your needs and recommend the right home equity loan for you. Our mortgage lenders provide mortgage loan programs with the best current mortgage rates and a comprehensive portfolio of options and products. Dynasty Financial Consulting offers consumers a comprehensive array of tools and information on Home Equity Loans. Use our Calculators to determine payments, amortization, and how much you can borrow. Use our Mortgage Guide to help you through the mortgage process and our Mortgage Glossary to help you understand.